On the Blackface Groupie at UND: Maybe it went like this

Illustration for article titled On the Blackface Groupie at UND: Maybe it went like this

From L-R: Krista, Becky, Kelly, Brett

Becky: OMG. Another fucking shooting.

Krista: The police are like thugs or something. I don’t get it.

Brett: And Black people don’t have to always ‘comply’ just to live.

Kelly: It’s crazy. I mean we should do something to let people know that Black Lives Matter.


Becky: I have an idea. We should post a video with our Black friends and shout to the world that Black Lives Matter.

Krista: But we don’t have any Black friends.

Brett: Well it’s gotta be Black people around somewhere.

[Baffled looks]

Kelly: Well I googled it. And it’s only 1.6% Black people in the town and 2.5% Black students on campus.


[Long pause as their minds contemplate the best approach to proclaim that Black Lives Matter in their all White spaces]

Becky: I got it. Let’s just paint our faces Black and post it on Snapchat. Social media is a great place to spread messages!


Krista: Ok. But should we make sure it’s ok. Like ask Google or Black Twitter?

Brett: Well we’re not racist so it’s ok. Like nobody in my family says the N-word. And we’re totally with them. So we’re cool.


Krista: You’re right. Let’s do it. Let’s go get the paint.

[Goes to WalMart to buy Black face paint and returns to campus. Paints faces Black and takes a Blackface groupie. After a few hours – wonders why people are so upset and mad. Because they aren’t racist and will soon issue a non-apology apology]

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